Resolve this

I don’t think that New Year’s resolutions are that great of an idea. Yet, against my better judgment, I make a list every year. Why? I think that setting a goal is important because it gives you something to aim for. At the same time, it’s important to set goals that you can actually reach. Otherwise, you just get disappointed in yourself. Constant failure doesn’t usually work in a person’s favor.

That’s why I’m always careful to keep impossible goals far from my list of resolutions. For example, I almost always put something on my list that could help me further prevent my acne problems. Some times it’s something very simple. I might vow to try a new OTC medication that’s been on my unofficial list for some time. Or I might vow to use a body cleanser after working out. These are things that you can definitely do. Plus, you know whether you did or did not do them. They are quantifiable, so you don’t have to sit around feeling bad about whether you really tried your hardest.

A really bad resolution, I think, is “get in better shape.” What does that even mean? How do you know whether you reach that goal?

Instead, I think it makes more sense to say something like “I will run five miles a day, three times a week.” That’s something that you can definitely accomplish, barring injury.

Another really bad idea: get rid of acne forever. That isn’t something that you can realistically control. You can take steps to eliminate acne (such as trying a new treatment or visiting a doctor), but your setting yourself up for failure when you make goals outside of your control.


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