It’s always the imbalance

I’m all for healthy living. A good diet, plenty of exercise, and an appropriate amount of sleep have always helped me get through the roughest portions of my life. Even when everything else is out of whack, I can focus on good food and exercise to keep me healthy.

I say this to show that I don’t (at least I think that I don’t) have a knee-jerk reaction to people who suggest diet and exercise as preventative measures that can keep the body healthy. Still, I find this YouTube video really annoying.

Here are some of the problems that I have with the statements made in this video. I’m totally going to ignore how annoying the guy is and how he looks starstruck by every sentence that escapes his mouth.

1- I have yet to see any real proof that acne numbers are on the rise for adults. I’m not saying that the numbers haven’t gone up. I’m just saying that no one ever cites their data! If you have seen a reliable study showing this, then please pass it on so that I can read it.

2- Anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean anything. OK, so you had chronic fatigue syndrome that caused a whole litany of physical ailments. That sucks, dude. I’m glad  that you feel better now. The thing is, your personal experience doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. If changing your lifestyle worked for you, then good. Awesome. Maybe other people should give that a try. But, your personal experience is not scientific evidence. It would be much more helpful if you would conduct a study that used double-blind experiments to determine whether specific lifestyle changes can, in fact, help prevent acne.

3- People in the U.S., and probably other “developed” countries, tend to fetishize “traditional” cultures. We so commonly associate anything traditional with positive results. Case in point, this guy claims that traditional cultures don’t have problems with acne. Seriously? I don’t know whether they do or not, but I’m fairly certain that there aren’t many scientists running extensive experiments in freaking sub-Saharan Africa to find out who gets zits. If there isn’t an acne problem in most traditional cultures, it’s probably because they’re too worried about finding food to think twice about skin blemish.

Again, if someone has done this research, please send it my way. I really would like to read it.


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