The awakening

Luckily, I woke up this morning and my skin wasn’t as itchy as it was last night. Still, it’s pretty dry. To make matters worse, I think that the air is even dryer than it was yesterday.

I’m happy that my skin doesn’t itch as much as it did yesterday, but it is visibly dry. If you’ve never had extremely dry skin, then you might not know what a pain it is . Not just the physical pain of it, but the self-conscious emotional pain. Having pimples is one thing. Sure, it looks odd on someone my age, but everyone knows what it is. When it comes to dry, flaky skin, though, people can look at you like your a total freak of nature.

My guess is that I get extra-weird looks because I have a combination of dry skin and acne. I hardly look like the Elephant Man, but my face isn’t exactly normal looking when it’s like this. The dry, flaky white skin coats the red pimples like flour or powdered sugar.

I try keeping the long-term in mind. If I use the moisturizer a couple times a day, then this problem should be gone my tomorrow or the next day. Really, I just don’t want to look horrible in family Christmas pictures. The long-term, however, puts me in an odd predicament this time. If I wash my face, then it will almost certainly get dryer. If I don’t, then my pimples will almost certainly get worse.

I’m going to try washing and using moisturizer. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope this clears up in a couple days.


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