Acne? You named your online store Acne?

My news feed usually gives me the types of headlines that I’m really interested in. On occasion, though, it lets some pretty weird things pass through. Case in point: today I got an email about a T0shirt that Chloe Sevigny designed for an online clothing company called Opening Ceremony. Perhaps I got the story because I’m a fan of some of her work, especially the series Big Love. Regardless, at the bottom of the story, it mentioned that Opening Ceremony had just launched a new online clothing shop called Acne.

Why would anyone want to name a store or anything else after acne? That’s about as smart as calling the store “Pus” or “Herpes.” Acne isn’t something that people want, so why would you name your company after it?

Obviously I don’t have the answer to that question. Possibilities include insanity and stupidity.

Even more perplexing to me, though, are the items that Acne sells. The cheapest item for men that they sell costs $80. It’s a T-shirt, and not even a very good looking one. You could buy a much better designed shirt for way less money at Banana Republic. That’s saying something considering that BP has pretty high prices. At least their prices aren’t $80 per T-shirt high.

What’s the most expensive item at Acne? It’s a tie between two coats that cost $2,250.

The women’s department is, predictably, even more confounding. You can buy a fur coat there for $3,340. Or how about a leather prom dress for $1,350?

Granted, I’m hardly a high-fashion kind of guy, but this just seems ridiculous.


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