New link found between smoking and common type of acne in women

Looking for one more reason to quit smoking? How about this: research from an institute in Rome recently found that there is a connection between smoking and comedonal post-adolescent acne in women.

The researchers questioned 226 women to see what types of commonalities they could find between their lifestyles and the onset of their skin conditions. Overall, they found that 66.3 percent of the women smoked cigarettes. That’s not a greatly significant percentage, especially considering how much people smoke in Rome  (I once saw someone smoking in the DaVinci Airpo.rt right beside a sign clearing stating “vietato fumare” and a big x’d out cigarette, if that gives you any idea). Upon closer inspection, though, the researchers found that most of these women had a specific type of acne. When the concentrated on women with comedonal post-adolescent acne, they found that 72.9 percent of them were smokers. Now that’s a significant percentage.

The study hasn’t identified reasons that smoking tobacco might cause this specific type of acne. It will certainly require more research before anyone knows for sure.

What is fairly obvious from this study, though, is that smoking is bad for your skin as well as the rest of your body. That’s not all that surprising. Your body’s largest organ is your skin. Unhealthy habits are certain to have negative effects on it.

These findings, though, do raise a good question. Why does smoking have such a dramatic connection with CPAA but not papulopustular post-adolescent acne?

You can read an English version of the study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Follow this link to see more details about  the study: JAAD online.


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