Evidence that politics causes pimples

The past few weeks have been hell on my skin, and I think it’s largely because of the pressure and anxiety that I have felt watching some of the nastiest political battles that I have ever seen in my lifetime. Now that Election Day has passed, though, I think that I can live with the  results. Maybe now I can focus on getting these craters to lie low until for a couple years.

Political campaigns almost always give me heartburn and restless nights. I can’t help but feel their ugly importance hanging over the city.

Why? I think it’s largely because I want things based on reality, while so many voters want things based on ideology. They vote for politicians that support belief-based policies. I can only support someone with evidence-based policies. That’s hard to come by regardless of whether you think of yourself as a Democrat or a Republican.

That’s why the recent election caused me so much anxiety. It is hard for me to understand why my neighbors, who hardly make much more money than me, continue to support politicians that believe in trickle down economics. It’s exasperating to hear them support the very ideas that keep them poor and out of work. I point out to them that tax cuts for the rich have always lead to recessions, but they have so much faith in the idea of trickle down economics that they can’t see any evidence to the contrary.

I don’t want to fight with people. I want to relax and get my head straight. But it’s tough when I know that the state right across the river just voted in a senator that wants to repeal the 14th Amendment, dissolve the IRS, and eliminate the Dept of Education.

Of my. I think I feel another pimple coming on.


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