So-called acne news

As far as search engines go, I really like Google, especially the recent updates that make it really easy to sort search results by images, videos, blogs, news, and other parameters. It’s very helpful for someone who pays close attention to the world’s goings on. When it comes to “news,” though, you have to be careful. Not all of the sites listed in Google’s news category are legitimate news resources. I discovered this recently while researching the latest acne treatments.

A lot of the so-called news sites listed on Google are really just blogs. Some of them are even press release sites. These sites accept money from their clients to right fake news stories showing that certain acne treatments work really well, or that others have been proven completely ineffective.

Here’s a good example: Lon’s Article Directory.

When you search for acne treatment news, Google gives you lots of hits from this site. Current headlines include How to Get Rid of Acne Scars: Four Reliable Treatments that Work; Clear Away Acne Scar; and Natural Acne Treatment. All of these were published within the past 24 hours, according to Google. Wow. The world of acne treatments must be having one hell of a day.

Now, obviously any of those articles could show up here at Acne Encounters. The difference is that the articles on this site don’t pretend to be news. They’re articles written from my perspective. I’ve had a lot of experience with acne and acne treatments over the years, so I think I have a pretty good background to discuss these subjects to a general audience. What’s published on this blog, however, is not news. News strives for objectivity, not opinion.

Seriously, if information about home acne remedies is news, then my grandmother might as well be Dan Rathers.


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