Don’t pop those painful pustules

I often find that whiteheads cause me the most physical pain. To be fair, I’ve never really had cystic acne, which I hear can get sore beyond belief. Whenever I see a pimple forming a little white cap, I want to pop it. The pain of popping whiteheads is oddly satisfying. It’s like some part of me  believes that the process must do something positive, if for no other reason than just because it hurts so much.

I’ve always been told not to pop pimples, though, so I try to overcome this urge as frequently as possible. Some times, though, I give in and give those painful pustules a nice, hard squeeze.

After reading about pimple popping, I’ve found that there are two good reasons to resist popping those zits. Now that I have a better understanding of why zit popping is such a bad idea, I think that I’ll be able to stop myself more easily.

Popping Zits Makes Bigger Zits

The biggest problem with popping pimples is that it can lead to bigger, more painful zits. How’s that? It’s fairly simple when you consider how filthy our fingertips are most of the time. Acne is often caused by bacteria living deep inside your pores. When you pop a zit with your dirty fingertips, you can actually add more bacteria to the pimple. This encourages the zit to get bigger. Keep squeezing them and you might never get an acne-free face.

Popping Zits Makes Redder Zits

Popping your pimples can also make them redder. Squeezing on your inflamed pores does little more than irritate the infected area. You might feel a slight relief when you extract a bit of pus, but you’ve actually caused a big problem by irritating your pore.

If you want clear skin, then you have to keep your fingers off of your face. The next time that you feel like squeezing a zit, just remember that you’re falling into its evil trap. It wants you to squeeze because that’s the best way for it to grow.


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