Vampire Light Therapy

A UVB therapy ghoulishly referred to as vampire light therapy has made its way to the UK. Apparently it’s been all the rage in Russia and Germany, where I hear there are just tons of vampires and acne-free humans.

According to this therapy’s practitioners, taking blood out of the body, exposing it to UVB light, and then pumping it back into the body can improve one’s well being, boost energy, and cure some skin conditions, including acne. I guess it really isn’t completely analogous to vampirism since they put the blood back into the body. Plus there’s that whole UVB light thing, which would probably disturb most vampires. But I’m getting off topic. It seems that this topic has my BS meter going haywire.

Here’s the thing: I’m not buying any of this. And neither are bunch of specialists.

Although there are some doctors out there claiming that this technique can boost well being, it’s tough to find a skin specialist that believes vampire light therapy can improve skin.

The whole idea is that exposing blood to UVB rays increases the presence of oxygen in the blood, which gives you more energy and… kills acne bacteria? It all kind of falls short of convincing right around that first step. Not exactly a good place for a medical technique to be.

Dermatologists in Europe are asking how, exactly, this therapy would benefit people with acne. So far, there isn’t a lot of research backing claims that vampire light therapy can do anything for your skin other than make you pale for a little while and then return your skin tone to normal.

That doesn’t sound like enough benefit to have the blood drained out of my body. I kind of need that stuff right where it is… INSIDE my body.


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