How does weather affect acne?

Over the past couple of weeks, the weather in Southern Indiana has finally turned to something close to season-appropriate. I’m not a very heat tolerant person, so I’m happy to have days when I can open the windows for a cool breeze. At nights, it actually gets a little chilly, and I think that’s excellent.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve had fewer pimples over the past couple weeks. I can’t help but to think that this has something to do with weather’s changing. After all, nothing else major has changed in my life.

Now, here’s the thing that really makes this strange to me. Every site that I can find says that cooler, low-moisture air tends to cause acne breakouts to worsen, not improve. So, what’s up with that? Granted, I use a non=comedogenic moisturizer daily because I have really dry skin. And there has been a drought in this area all summer. Maybe these factors  have an impact on how I’m responding to the autumn weather.

It’s off, though, because I can’t find any information online that explains why this is happening. Usually, I’d at least find some site that I’m 99 percent sure is full of it. But in this case, I can’t even find information that I DON’T trust, let alone any that I can rely on.

I can’t really recall whether this has happened to me before. Until this point, my life has been so busy, that stress would have probably negated any positive effects from the weather anyway. Has anyone else had this experience? Or am I alone on  this one?


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  1. This is exactly what worked for me!

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