Everyone’s worried about acne

A new study by the L’Oreal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin Research shows that your race doesn’t play a big role in whether you worry about acne. That’s because acne is the biggest skin problem experience by all four major races: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and African. Who knew that L’Oreal had such a wing devoted to ethnic studies?

Of course, the research departments of major corporations tend to focus on research for marketing purposes. That’s what this is too. The data gathered during the study supports a new Vichy Labs product called NORMADERM Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Cream.

According to they study, NORMADERM improved the skin of individual groups in the following ways:

  • 96 percent of Caucasian women who used the product experienced an immediate matte effect (that’s almost verbatim from the PR release)
  • 90 percent of African women found that the cream tightened their pores
  • 81 percent of Hispanic women found that it decreased redness
  • 86 percent of Asian who used  NORMADERM reported that the cream gave them a more even complexion

Details of the study are absent, but that’s not really a huge concern. I’m sure that it was double-blind using a control group…

Having looked over this new product, I don’t see why it would help prevent acne. Maybe it can help with these other skin concerns. I’m hardly an expert on how “tight” pores are, but I am fairly certain that none of the ingredients will decrease acne regardless of one’s race.

I can’t help but find the whole racial aspect of this study a little perplexing. I wasn’t aware that skin pigment had such a dramatic effect on whether a person’s complexion is even or they get pimples.


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