Can hypnotherapy stop acne sufferers from squeezing zits?

I’m skeptical of many hypnotherapists, especially those who claim that they can alter deeply ingrained behaviors with just a few minutes of hypnotism. When used in conjunction with other techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, though, I can see how hypnotherapy could help some patients. Getting the best results would take several sessions, I think, especially for addictions such as smoking tobacco.

When it comes to squeezing pimples, though, perhaps you can get a quick fix from a legitimate hypnotherapist. Still, it will likely take some time before therapy has its intended effects.

This is why I scoff at hypnotherapy downloads. As if a single five minute audio session could help you change your behavioral patterns. That would be like relying on WebMD to provide all of your medical diagnoses and treatments. These services might get it right some times, but you need a trained professional to provide long term benefits. Otherwise, you’ll just go back to smoking, drinking, or squeezing.

If you have an obsessive compulsive disorder that keeps you in front of the mirror for hours and hours at a time, then you should probably consider seeking help from a psychologist rather than a hypnotherapist. OCD is treatable, but you might need several tools to help you overcome the disorder.

In the meantime, try to remember that popping pimples leads to more scars. Leaving pimples alone to heal naturally, however, rarely leaves behind permanent traces. Some people, of course, get scars from deep cystic pimples. That’s unavoidable some times. Most of us, though, can stop ourselves from squeezing by reminding ourselves that it has worse long term consequences. Those who can’t do that should seek medical assistance that will help them live happier lives without the plague of OCD.


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