No magic cure

Adults who have acne could have several years ahead of them before they can start living with clear skin without the assistance of acne cleansers. Teenagers might think that they have cornered the market on angst, but most of them can expect clearer skin in a few years.

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for adult acne sufferers.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we should just accept blemished skin. I, for one, plan to keep fighting back. I fully expect that I will have breakouts during some weeks. That’s okay, though. I can live with that because over the years I have learned how to combat acne on a daily basis. Keeping pimples to a minimum might be the best that it gets for me.

My daily acne regimen includes washing with a benzoyl peroxide-based cleaner. I also use a weekly mask. Not exactly the manliest thing that I do, but it does help prevent acne.

I also use a non-comedogenic moisturizer. I have dry skin AND acne. What a combination. Most acne treatments cause my skin to dry out and become excessively itchy. Moisturizers can help prevent these side effects, but I have to choose options that don’t contain any oil. Otherwise, I’m just begging for more pimples.

I’ve also incorporated other things into my life that helps me prevent acne. Most of my breakouts occur during stressful times. College was particularly difficult since I worked a full time job and had to meet lots of deadlines. I balanced the stress with lots of exercise. I’ve found that strength training helps me relax a lot, as does running. I also try to meditate as often as possible, but I’m not very good about doing it regularly.

I hope that this combination helps me look and feel my best. Even if I’m never 100 percent free of pimples, I can always strive for the clearest skin possible.


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