Getting to the point, or spot, whatever…

Most people who have adult acne have struggled with it for years. I’m kind of an anomaly. My acne actually didn’t become too bad until I was about 18 or so.

Chances are that most adults, however, have found a daily regimen that works pretty well for them. You might use an over the counter cleanser or prescription medication. Regardless of your preference, though, there are always a couple of pimples that slip through.

People with acne prone skin can benefit from paying close attention to their skin. If you see a pimple in its infancy, then you can start treating it before it has a chance to blossom. This is where a good spot treatment comes in handy.

Spot treatments aren’t meant for the whole face. As the name implies, you just put it on a small part of your face. The advantage of spot treatments is that you can apply a high concentration of medication to the pimple before it becomes too obvious. If you were to apply, say, an 8 percent benzoyl peroxide concentration to your entire face, then you would almost certainly experience some unwanted side effects. When used on a small spot, though, the side effects are negligible. Really, who cares it a few centimeters of their skin is a little drier than normal? You’re  just happy to zap that zit.

When choosing spot treatments, you really should look for options that contain high concentrations of their active ingredient. Over the counter treatment aren’t allowed to contain extremely high concentrations, so anything that you choose should be safe as long as you don’t have an allergy.


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