Pimple Popping Game

The next time that you get the urge to pop your zits, you can satisfy that negative impulse by playing the pimple popping game.

I’m not inciting you to form competitive pimple popping teams or starting a one-on-one pop off with a buddy. No, I’m taking about a Flash game that I found online. It’s incredibly simple: you have 60 seconds to pop a bunch of zits on this guy’s face. The more you pop, the higher your score.

I’m trying to figure out exactly what this game is really for. I think that it’s a defunct ad for something called Acne Be Gone. You can find the game on tons of pages, and all of them have a broken link that takes you to http://www.acnebegone.com/.

If the game really is a part of some old advertising campaign, then I’m impressed. I mean, the game is really boring (seriously, it’s only entertaining for about 5 of the 60 seconds), but it’s still an interesting way to get attention for a product.

I’m surprised that the campaign wasn’t more effective. I can’t imagine that anyone would ever play Acne Be Gone more than once, but it’s still a much better concept than Clearasil’s lame Clearahill snowboarding game.


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